Educational MATLAB Software

Per-Olof Persson, UC Berkeley Mathematics

  • Tridiagonal Eigenvalues in MATLAB - Interface to LAPACK routines for computing eigenvalues of tridiagonal matrices and singular values of bidiagonal matrices
  • Level Set Demo - Simple MATLAB scripts for illustration of explicit/implicit interface tracking, reinitialization, and the fast marching method.
  • fempoisson.m - Solves the Poisson equation on an unstructured grid (square in this example but easy to change) using linear finite elements. Good start to learn about implementation of FEM.
  • poiunit.m - Fourier solution of Poisson's equation on the unit line, square, or cube. Good for verification of Poisson solvers, but slow if many Fourier terms are used (high accuracy).
  • laplacefft.m - Solve the Laplace equation on a rectangular domain using the FFT. Supports Dirichlet or Dirichlet/Neumann conditions. Contains the following short functions for discrete Sine and Cosine transforms:
    • dst.m - Discrete Sine Transform DST-I
    • idst.m - Inverse Discrete Sine Transform IDST-I
    • dct.m - Discrete Cosine Transform DCT-I
    • idct.m - Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform DCT-I
  • Implementation of Finite Element-Based Navier-Stokes Solver